10.1 First and Subsequent Members:
10.1.1 The first members of the Association shall sign Schedule C of this Constitution. The Committee may admit natural persons (and legal persons) over eighteen years of age as members of the Association.
10.2 Conditions and Criteria:
10.2.1 The Committee may determine the conditions and criteria for membership. A prospective member shall make an Application to the Association in the prescribed form together with an application fee. Applications for membership that do not comply with such conditions and criteria may be refused by the Committee.
10.2.2 The secretariat of the Association shall make a decision on the application within seven working days of receipt of the application.
10.2.3 Every member of the Association shall be obliged to pay an annual subscription fee. Failure to make payment of the annual subscription fees within seven days of
the due date for such payment will result in withdrawal of all membership benefits.
10.2.4 A member of the Association shall automatically cease to be a member upon: Conviction by a competent court of any criminal offence which involves elements of dishonesty for which a sentence exceeding six months may be levied without any option of a fine. Upon an application for the winding up of his or her estate or appointment of a liquidator as the case maybe. Upon a declaration of the court that the member is insolvent as defined in the Insolvency Act [Chapter 6:04]. Upon death. Upon dismissal for any misconduct in terms of the Association’s Code of Conduct. Provided that the member shall be given an opportunity to make written or verbal representations to the Committee pertaining to the charges leveled against the member. Upon resignation
10.2.5 Notwithstanding clause a member who has been adjudged to have
committed a dismissible misconduct can make an application for re-admission into the Association within a period of two years after such expulsion and the application shall be considered at the next Annual General Meeting
10.3 Transfer of Membership:
10.3.1 Membership is not transferable.