The National Energy Policy (NEP) of Zimbabwe is a deliberate plan of action to guide decisions that should facilitate the achievement of positive national outcomes in the delivery of energy products and services through the engagement of key stakeholders and national resources.
The Energy Sector is regulated by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) and other regulatory and statutory bodies that derive their mandates from various Statutes; whereas the energy sector stakeholders on the other hand derive their performance expectations from an enabling environment whose character and nature is shaped by the past, prevailing political and socio-economic environment.
Following the increase in the demand for energy and power products and services, the market has experienced an increase in the number of players, particularly independent power producers and service providers. In addition there has been increased interest in renewable energy. In response to these developments in the energy market, Zimbabwe’s energy industry stakeholders mooted the formation of the Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe. The Association shall be non-governmental, non-profit making, with no particular religious or political affiliation and shall be gender and environmentally sensitive. This document seeks to set out the constitution governing the operations and activities of the Association.
The purpose of REAZ is to facilitate the sustainable development and uptake of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) to the benefit of members, stakeholders and consumers.