The tourism sector provides a large variety of services, luxury, comfort, attractions, entertainment & products, thus it consumes a lot of energy yet the largest portion of this energy comes from fossil fuels.

The resulting emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases contributes to environmental degradation, which endangers the sustained repulsion of the natural environments marketed & the long-term success and survival of tourism businesses by which these impacts are generated.

Considering that hotels are often located in places with a copiousness of renewable energy resources in naturally attractive, mountains, rivers, or lake environments, it is startling that these resources remain largely untapped.

Greening the Tourism sector with Renewable Energy Technologies will helps to promote the integration of the Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDs) into planning particularly with the tourism sector to enable comprehensive implementation of the Low Emission Development strategy(LEDS) and contribute to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The tourism sector possesses a huge potential for climate change mitigation through the implementation of energy efficiency opportunities, uptake of the renewable actions identified in the LEDS, through exploration in refrigeration and air conditioning modernization, and also venturing into green buildings and dependence of either solar, hydro power, geothermal wind and biomass for energy.