Goodbooks Investments (Private) Limited t/a Kumusha Power has been distributing Global brands in Zimbabwe since 2010, with a historical focus on consumer electronics and audio-visual products.

In 2019 the Company added D.Light Solar Home Systems to its portfolio with the intention to develop a specific business model for distributing these products using our established network of Retail Distributors and Strategic Partners.

Reliable energy is the lifeblood of any economy. Without it, people’s daily lives are compromised and the nation’s production and economic output is curtailed. While Zimbabweans living in urban areas are economically better placed to cope with power outages and grid issues, those in rural and peri-urban areas are less fortunate. The Company, trading as ‘Kumusha Power‘, aims to expand its SHS business to satisfy the rapid growth in demand within specific segments of the country.

Kumusha Power provides clean, affordable, renewable energy from D.Light Mini Solar Home Systems for all Zimbabweans.

Contact Person: 
Milan Vidovic
Contact Details: 

12 Maasdorp Avenue Alex Park,Harare
Cell: +263 773 603 103