Solar Energy Projects (SEP) is a leader in solar energy services and solar power provider. SEP is owned and run by Oloff and Sebastian Smyth, our in-house experience and world-class technology partners are only a few of the advantages that make us the clean energy company of choice.
Oloff Smyth is an Electrical Engineer with 35 years of experience in heavy and light electrical engineering in Zimbabwe.
Sebastian Smyth studied Renewable Energy Engineering at TAFE in Perth Australia and designs most of SEPs Solar installations.

Products includes solar water heating, solar power for backup and off-grid, solar water pumping, mains voltage stabilizers, pump protection relays, generator AVRs and automation relays, wind generators, and hydro power.

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Oloff Smyth
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No. 16 Campbell Avenue, Pomona, Harare
Tel: 0778854822