Zonful Energy is a for profit social enterprise that sells modular decentralized and scalable solar energy systems on Pay As You Go model to rural, urban and peri-urban off-grid consumers in Zimbabwe. Our clients purchase their systems on credit and pay for them over 18 months, which make the product affordable for the rural community. Zonful Energy also provides a unique 2-year warranty and free service on the products.

The solar energy systems consist of solar panels, batteries and a broad range of appliances including lights, radios, televisions, water pumps and fridges and many more others for productive use.

Zonful Energy was founded by William Ponela in 2013 and started operating in 2017, between 2013 and 2017 the founder and his team were carrying out research to identify market fit products, which would address customers’ pain points. To date Zonful Energy has managed to establish itself across all rural provinces of Zimbabwe impacting over 150 000 people by approximately 25 000 solar home systems distributed to the majority of customers being women and young people.

Contact Person: 
William Ponela
Contact Details: 

5 Hillary Road, Ashbrittle, Harare
0778 766 199