In this constitution, unless inconsistent with or otherwise indicated by the context shall bear the meanings assigned to them and cognate expressions shall bear corresponding meanings.
1.1. Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting of the Association.
1.2. Association: The Renewable Energy Association of Zimbabwe (hereinafter referred to as “REAZ”) constituted in terms of this constitution.
1.3. By-Laws: This refers to the by-laws of the Association.
1.4. Board: The Board of Trustees of the Association as defined in the Trust Deed of the Association.
1.5. Chairperson: Means the Chairperson of the Committee of the Association elected interms of this Constitution and Vice Chairperson shall be construed mutatis mutandis.
1.6. Code of Conduct: The set of rules and regulations governing the conduct of members together with the disciplinary procedures.
1.7. Corporate Governance Charter: Guidance for the Committee, Secretariat and Energy Sub Sector Committees in the discharge of their duties within the affairs of the Association for the benefit of the Members.
1.8. Extra Ordinary General Meeting: Means a meeting of the Assembly other than the Annual General Meeting called on short notice and for a specific purpose.
1.9. Member: Means any person admitted into the Association as provided for herein,
1.10. Person: A human being or anybody corporate whether incorporated or otherwise, a common law universitas or any Association as the case maybe.
1.11. Proxy: Person appointed at the sole discretion of a member and shall so be appointed by a filed Proxy form as prescribed
by the Association showing clearly their full names and
signed by the appointee. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall be no voting by proxy
1.12. Renewable Energy: Without in any way limiting the expression to include naturally occurring, inexhaustible sources of Energy - including solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, hydro and geothermal which can be used to generate electricity, gaseous and liquid fuels, heat or any combination of these.
1.13. Returning Officer: The Presiding officer appointed in terms of this constitution to conduct elections as provided herein.
1.14. Secretariat: The collection of employees appointed by the Committee.
1.15. Sub – Committee: Means any Committee other than the Committee established to undertake a specific function in terms of this constitution.
1.16. Treasurer: Means any person elected in terms of this constitution to undertake the functions of the exchequer of the Association.
1.17. Trust The Renewable Energy Trust of Zimbabwe established by the Deed of Trust to provide custody of assets and appellate functions for the Association.
1.18. Trustees Means any person appointed as such under the Trust Deed and thereafter their successors duly appointed in terms thereof.