17.1 The Returning Officer shall send Nomination Forms in the form F1 hereto attached as Annexure A accompanied with a list of all Members who are eligible to be elected to the Committee at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the election save for the first election. The list of members shall consist of the name of each member, the occupation of the member and the organization where the member is gainfully employed or represents in the Association.
17.2 Nominations shall either be by nomination by another member or by the member
volunteering of their own accord. In the case of a nominated member, the member shall be required to indicate acceptance by signing the nomination form. In the case of a volunteer, one member will be required to second the candidature.
17.3 All duly completed Nomination Forms shall be submitted for validation to the Returning Officer at least four (4) days before the date of elections.
17.4 The Returning Officer shall on the day of the election announce the duly nominated Members.